Jaga Karkoszka. Artist extraordinaire!
I can say this because I have known her since primary school. Even then she always had a pencil or crayon in her hand, drawing, drawing, drawing. She is truly a born artist; she will not sit still.

Her unique vision was evident from the beginning. Not only are her paintings beautiful, they are inhabited by her spirit, by her soul.

Jaga is a child of the Second World War. She grew up in Kraków where she received her fine art education, and then went to Wrocław, where she obtained her diploma. But always, always she remains true to herself and doesn't submit to trends of the day.

Her works are full of colour, very well drawn, exquisite in detail, well thought through. Her opinion of life and the world are on display... whimsical and satirical.

You can find her works in private collections and museums, in Poland and internationally. Jaga paticipates in group and solo exhibitions. If you are lucky enough to visit her studio, you encounter the enchanted inner world of the artist's imagination.

She is an individualist, driven to create. In her own words,
"I think a picture should be many things: a narrative, a graphic, colour. It should not just be a surface covered by paint. And it should always retain the individuality of its creator. I put my signature to the now known trend of magic realism."

Elizabeth (Danek) Zygmuntowicz , textile artist , Melbourne , Australia

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